About WackyMOO

What is WackyMOO?

WackyMOO is a MOO, a virtual world The idea for this particular MOO started in March of 1996, and WackyMOO was born on April 9, 1996. It was very small and really buggy at first, but with the help of the wizards, especially RavenStar and Paul, we were able to get it running quite efficiently. We now have nearly 200 players here, and are getting more every day.

What is a MOO?

If you've not heard of a MOO before, it is a programmable virtual world based on objects. If you have more questions, like how it is put together, how you should act on MOOs, and how you can help build it, these links will help you.

How can I start my own?

You get the files at the LambdaMOO FTP Archive. Then refer to the Wizards FAQ above.

Who runs it?

The MOO is run by the wizards.
The wizards are in charge of everything, from building the core to programming actual core objects, from keeping order to punishing those who try to destroy the MOO. Wizards are there to help the entire MOO and those who visit it, not to police the MOO as some people might think.

Where are some other MOOs I might like to visit?

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